Saturday, October 8, 2016

Donald Trump re-imagines Imagine

The new MAD magazine features this page:
"Imagine" rewritten by Donald Trump.
The text is by Stan Sinberg and I created the artwork,
based on the back cover pose from John Lennon's
1971 Imagine album. The page was art directed by Sam Viviano:

the original Imagine back cover

the finished art

Friday, September 23, 2016

Cover for The American Bystander

This is my new cover art for the upcoming third issue of the the new humor quarterly The American Bystander, depicting... American bystanders. The AB is a fabulously thick magazine filled with articles, stories, cartoons, comics, funny letters, and very little photoshopping, by some of the best and most talented people plying their trade in the tough, sweaty humor business. It's the logical successor to the National Lampoon and SPY magazine. I'm proud now to have taken part in all three of those publications.

Please support this essential and funny new magazine edited by Michael Gerber by donating to their kickstarter campaign and help keep them going for many years to come, and many more:

my pencil sketch. Some of the faces were changed and some were rearranged

the finished art

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bing Crosby Ice Cream

                                                          "The Cream of the Stars"
By 1953, Bing Crosby was so popular that he was convinced his name and his smiling head would induce adults and children to buy his own brand of (vanilla) Ice Cream.

Der Bingle created "Bing Crosby Ice Cream Sales Inc.," of Hollywood Ca, which he licensed to Valley farms and other regional ice cream distributers, among them Peter Pan, Med-O-Pure, and Hyde Park Daries. The venture would prove to be unsuccessful, yet the boxes have become collectable among Bing Crosby fans and vintage Ice cream box fans.

Bing's pledge of Quality

the flattened box

boxes and boxes of Bing

store display for Peter Pan Bing Crosby Ice Cream

print trade ad for Hyde Park Dairies Bing Crosby Ice Cream

ad for Bing's Marcheta Banana Ice Cream

Sign: America's Favorite

my own Bing box on display

Bing takes a break from golfing to enjoy his ice cream

Thanks to John Wendler

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hack's Snacks


Buddy Hackett's Hack's Snacks

A short-lived soya nut "health food" snack product from the 1970's, aside 
from the soya nuts, made with artificial ingredients, chemicals, and other 
nightmarish poisons,
and featuring the mug of beloved comedian Buddy Hackett 
 as the product's mascot. 
manufactured by "Hack's Marketing Co., Inc", of 
Dover, Delaware

images via Jason Liebig
front of product
back of product, featuring all the wonderful ingredients

came in garlic flavored too

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jack Davis draws Jose Jimenez (Bill Dana)

One of the rarest pieces I own, (in my comedy Jewseum),
featuring the work of the late, great
Jack Davis is this oversized matchbook, issued in
1968 to promote an NBC TV color special featuring comedian Bill Dana,
"Discover America with Jose Jimenez". It was manufactured by Lion Match Corp.
of America. The size is 4 1/4" x 3 3/8".

The wonderful Jack Davis artwork,
(as far as I know), has never been reprinted.
front of matchbook

watch part one of the TV special:

larger view of the Davis art

back of matchbook

matchbook interior, featuring matches and Jose's
travel tips

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Music Men

Forrest Tucker

Bert Parks

Eddie Albert

Gig Young

Hill Bowen

Ken Harp


Van Johnson

Don Stewart

Harry Hickox

Larry Douglas

Robert Cummings

Darren McGavin

Ted Scott

Johnny Holliday

Peter Marshall

John Raitt

Tony Randall

John Davidson

Dick Van Dyke

Jim Nabors